Spicy Parsnip and Turmeric Soup

Want a quick and easy way to add super healthy ingredients to your diet? Get soup-making now with this winning winter warmer! If you've made soup you'll know how easy it is to make right - yet for some reason I never seem to make it as often as I should. This recipe is my … Continue reading Spicy Parsnip and Turmeric Soup

How to make elderflower and lemon gin

If you love fruity gin, then you're going to love this tipple. With gin's popularity showing no signs of abating there's so much choice around, but it's great fun experimenting with your own flavours. Having been a bit of a late-comer to gin, since I discovered a liking to the G&T, I have enjoyed infusing … Continue reading How to make elderflower and lemon gin

How to make cauliflower rice

It might be low in carbs but is cauliflower rice big on flavour? Read on … you’re in for a surprise. I’ve been keen to try using cauliflower in different ways for a while. The humble cauliflower has had a bit of a personality transformation in recent times, such as cauliflower rice, cauliflower pizza bases, … Continue reading How to make cauliflower rice

How to make delicious, pasta-free lasagne

Do you love lasagne, but avoid it because of the carb-loaded pasta? Well here's a great healthy lasagne that uses sheets of butternut squash instead of pasta sheets and it tastes fantastic! My family love lasagne, so its a special treat whenever I make one. But as someone trying to reduce carbs then traditional lasagne … Continue reading How to make delicious, pasta-free lasagne