New Year’s Resolutions and all that …

The 1st January arrived and in typical Clare style I rolled my sleeves up to not only come up with a few things I would like to achieve for the year, no not this year, this year I created a mind map!

I downloaded an app from the Apple a store and away I went. By the time I’d finished I was beginning to wonder who this wonder-woman actually is who is going to achieve all of these objectives in 2017.

I have everything from being a great career woman, to being the perfect mum, clean living and to loose 2-stone in weight, oh plus a loft conversion and to get every thing that exists in my house into an orderly fashion. Wow! If I achieve that lot then I think that I will have genetically morphed into Wonder Woman at some point during the year. Well known for being a little over optimistic and expecting a bit too much out of myself, I think that it will be important to review monthly and perhaps adjusting a little ….. you never know I might surprise myself.

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