Day 1 – The day it all began …

Well today is the first day of the year, actually it’s the second actual day of the year, but the first day for me to put some changes to my life in place.

I had sort of thought that I might get up at 6.30am to do the Body Coach Boot Camp. I did wake up early enough, but think that I have decided the night before that it, well it just wasn’t actually going to happen. 9:15am! That was the time that I woke up….opps. Thankfully I had woken up with a spirit of determination and donned my running gear – yes that’s running gear I said (!). A few essentials¬†to get organised first, the headphones, putting some juice into the phone and of course some much needed stretches. Having not done these stretches for about 6 months they came easily. I have a habit of losing my confidence so quickly when it comes to running and I think that I am totally rubbish at it. Today was no different. I decided on a ridiculously short route (like 1km). It did not matter how far I went just as long as I did not stop and I actually went. Despite my dread it really was not too bad. In fact after about 2 minutes, hard to believe I know, but I thought hey I’ve missed this how great does it feel to be out. I completed the 1km fairly easily and no stopping, so much so that I kept on running and managed about 2.25km. All in all a great result.

Having had a busy day decluttering the kitchen meant that I kept active all day and smashed all of my Activity app targets. I also managed my 7-minute app on the Seven app.

All in all a great start!

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