Day 2 – Back to work and school ….

Today was the true test. Yesterday could have just been crazy enthusiasm! Alas no, today has gone well.

Breakfast was a Bodycoach Lime and Avocado smoothie. For once I had the foresight to make the smoothie last night – sans avocado and almond milk, they got added this morning. A bit of prep definitely saved a few precious minutes this morning. I popped this in the bag and took it to work along with a pot of mixed nuts and two 750ml bottles of water. Oh and my lush new sizzling pink Pukka Tea Bags tin for my desk!

Lunch was a chicken salad from the work canteen. A few dollops of humous when I got home with a couple of dry biscuits. Tonight, I thought, was Pilates night, I even drove there, only to find I got the wrong date – never mind. An extra bonus hour at home and to see the kiddies.

For dinner tonight we finished off the Spicy Parsnip Soup from yesterday with 1.5 slices of bread. Whilst waiting for the soup to heat I took advantage of a few spare minutes and did the 7-minute Seven app full body HITT. After a bit more running and star jumps on the spot, I once again smashed my Apple Watch fitness targets for the day and by 10.30pm tonight 10,500 steps for the day.

I have now reached the 2-week Diet Coke free barrier – yippee.

Today I have felt fantastic. I am feeling better about myself, glowing and more in control.

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