Day 4 – A sunny day in London town

Eek! A day out in London usually means a wee bit of a trip down the dark side. A Diet Coke at the station to drink on the train and maybe a chocolate bar and as for lunch anything goes … oh and a snack for the train home usually involving chocolate. A L A R M   B E L L S. How do I handle a CLC day in London?

Well this was how it went ……..

1.Bodycoach Lime and Avocado smoothie for breakfast.

2. Bottle of water purchased at station for train.

3. Pomegranate fruit tree and glass of water in meeting.

fullsizerender_24. Crayfish and avocado salad for lunch with vegetable crisps – oh and no sugary or nasty drink because hey presto I had water left from this morning.

5. Graze protein snack for my station snack purchase along with bottle on Innocent apple and raspberry juice.


Yes I did survive – in a kind of Gloria Gaynor kind of way!

A day in London is often associated with tiredness and feeling a bit headachy. None of that today. All day, and when I got home, I felt as fresh as a pancake. Mind you, not an early start and not a late home time … so that may have had something to do with it.

Slightly off plan tonight with a Waitrose family beefsteak pie as it needs eating up but a plate brimming full of veg along with baked kale.


Oh and did I forget to say that I achieved my activity targets today with the extra walking that I did in London between meetings.

YIPPEE a successful day.

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