Day 5 – I did not go down the dark side

Friday nights = the end of a long week, feet up, kick back and relax and ….. a bottle of wine. Well I’m not going to be so virtuous that I never drink again, to the contrary, however January means ‘Dry January’ even when I am not trying to be CLC and this year is no exception. Even the OH is going dry.

I always find that the first Friday of Dry January is the hardest. Once you’ve got past the 6/7/8pm period though, you are usually home and dry and start to feel on the virtuous side knowing that you will not wake up feeling groggy on Saturday morning and will not have ingested a considerable amount of calories.

As you gently meander through the month you begin to add notches from your dry Friday and Saturday evenings (note I only usually drink alcohol on Friday and Saturday evenings) to your Dry January bed post to be proud of and start to feel so increasingly virtuous that it becomes easier.

So today started at 6.30 with a BodyCoach HITT. All went to plan until I did some BIG quad stretches and on the second one made my back hurt – ARRGGGHHH! Stupid move. And I did it from stretching, how does that happen? To add insult to the injury, when I jumped (actually I stepped as I could not jump due to said injury) into the shower there was no hot water!!!!! The pesky shower has been playing up a bit over the last week and today was my turn to have the COLD shower experience. Not the best experience but nevermind, it didn’t kill me.

Overnight Bodycoach oats were the breakfast choice, which I cooked after getting ready for work so they were still warm by the time I arrived at work – lush! Lunch was a work spicy chicken salad and snack was a small Graze box.

BTW still no Diet Coke and lots of water/weak squash – just saying …..

I slightly went down the dark side when I got home with the kids and munched a Crunchie – you should see the goodies box that we have made from all of the kids Xmas selection boxes – step aware from the box Clare.

Dinner was homemade cottage pie and veg which was tasty – not a scrap was left on anyone’s plates so that means it was good.

I was almost tempted by a few of these tonight but I held strong, just being tempted by a couple of Christmas left over Matchmakers; and do you know, what I can honestly say that I did not really enjoy them, that much.

These little guys were tempting but I did not succumb

Tomorrow morning is my only window of opportunity to run this weekend, so I will need to see what the back feels like in the morning, I am not holding out much hope at the moment.

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