Day 6 -Not quite the day I’d planned

Well perhaps I am being a little harsh on myself but I did go a little off track today. I ate a Double Decker – on the plus side I did not really enjoy it. That’s got to be a good thing.

No run this morning πŸ˜’, although the back was feeling much better than yesterday it was not right and going running well frankly would have been stupid.

Breakfast was ok with a sandwich of a fried egg fried in coconut oil, smoked salmon and avocado.

All was planned for the hair appointment at 12:30. At 11:28 I checked my diary – oops appointment was 12 and in the centre of town and no OH home and one child still in a onesie. Not sure how but I made it to the hair appointment with 1 minute to spare, swapped the children en-route with OH and most importantly no children in onesie’s!

Despite not needing anything, I still managed a bit of retail therapy whilst in town in the form of a new pair of shoes and a new piece of artwork for the house.


Image courtesy of

I got home and that’s when it happened. I hadn’t eaten whilst in town which in itself was good but it meant when I got home I was peckish but I totally went for the wrong thing – the Double Decker bar. Wasted calories when I did not enjoy it.

Then I turned to houmous and some dry biscuits – could have been worse I suppose.

Dinner was inspired by a slow cooker recipe from Facebook – bit random I know. I’d been itching to try the slow cooker out all week after my purchase of a new slow cooker recipe box before Xmas. Albeit I did not follow a recipe from that book at least I used it. The recipe was Mongolian Beef and was delicious. I will definitely cook this again. Everyone ate it so that means success.

Watched a bit of Crystal Maze on tv tonight in readiness for tomorrow. I am going to be so rubbish at this ……..





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