Day 7 -🙈

This post will be short – in essence not a great day on the CLC front.

Today was Crystal Maze day so if I am honest with myself it was never going to go to plan. Breakfast was rushed as I was trying to sort so many jobs out in the house before I went out, so had 2 Weetabix. Lunch was a chicken and avocado sandwich from Pret…. hey this isn’t sounding too bad hey?

Driving home from London OH and I shared a mini bag of chocolate buttons then decided it would be a great idea to have a Chinese takeaway when we got home. That’s where it went wrong really. We ended up ordering too much food and I ate too much. Afterwards I felt too full up and didn’t really like how I was feeling. I guess that’s a good thing as I certainly won’t be rushing to have a Chinese again for a while.

Tomorrow’s another day to start again.

On the plus side I’ve lost 2lbs this week (well up until this morning) so that’s a good start for week 1!

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