Day 10 – control

A long, long day today but one of control. It was a day on London which as you discovered in my post last week has in the past usually meant a day of giving into foodie temptations. But not today. The day started with a BodyCoach Lime and Avocado smoothie. Lunch was a chicken and avocado sandwich from Pret whilst standing in Tottenham Court Road opposite Heal’s (yes I managed a 10 min whistle stop tour of Deals in particular their lighting department and a ‘lush’ over the the Tom Raffield lights before my meeting).

Tom Raffield Lights. Wooden lampshades hand-made from shaped steamed wood in lovely Cornwall.

Tea was at Benugo at Covent Garden, a Parisian (Brie, onion marmalade, rocket, English mustard mayonnaise).

Next stop was a book launch. Watch out for the champagne and canapés! To help prepare myself  firstly I drove to the station so could not have a drinky-poo and secondly I made sure that I’d had some tea. Ta-da! I survived, no champagne (fortunately the hardship wasn’t too bad as it was not VC!) and no canapés.

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