Day 13 – good for the soul

Well today was a day to meet up with some very old friends who I hadn’t seen for quite some time. Not really a day for clean living (and it hasn’t been I hasten to add) but a good day for mindfulness by appreciating friendship and people around you.

Lunch wasn’t bad though with a Leggera American Hot pizza at Pizza Express (just 600 calories), proceeded by calamari (half eaten by the kids!). No wine and no dessert – yesss!

The day may well have featured some chocolate and some crisps though 😳 ….

Well perhaps a trip to New Zealand in the future after meeting with friends today who live there, and with the other friend intentions of not leaving it another 12 years. Let’s hope so!

Maybe not the perfect eating day, but I have felt fab today. My clothes are starting to feel a little more roomy and my stomach is feeling slightly flatter. Got to keep on going ….



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