Day 15 -1 month complete

Hooray! Dancing around in little circles. 1 month completely caffeine free! The sort of  cleaner eating started 15 days ago (I still have Christmas left overs to get through …. 😳) I actually started my journey 4 weeks ago in trying to make small but important changes.

The first of those changes was to ditch the Diet Coke. Caffeine in coffee has never been an issue for me as I have never drunk coffee. Hard to believe I know. And no, I’ve just never liked it. I never stopped drinking it for any reason, I just never started. So for me my equivalent of a coffee to pick me up has been Diet Coke. I do have a considerable about of hatred for this product and to be honest I have gone through quite a few periods of not drinking it, yet time and time like an ugly demon it lures me back. It is horrible stuff.

So today is a day of celebration. Not too much else remarkable happened today apart from an early morning HITT oh and lots of interest in yesterday’s chicken korma recipe which you can find here, if there’s any remote possible chance that you may have missed it – like if you were paying a day visit to planet Zarg or something.

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