Day 19 – The day it happened

Not only was I awake before the alarm this morning, I woke up WANTING to exercise. I cannot think of a time ever in my life that I have wanted to get up at 6.30am and exercise without needing to forcibly wrench myself out of bed and not have the claws of warm, cosy snuggle-dom trying to lure me back into the abyss of my lovely bed!

I had noticeably more energy for my HITT this morning so worked harder and felt really satisfied when I’d finished it.

I went to sleep about an hour earlier last night …… hhhmmmm. I really do wish there were a few more hours in my days – I have just way too much stuff that I want to do in life and not enough time to do it in.

Talking about sleep there was a really interesting documentary that a friend told me about and the importance of the right amount of quality sleep particularly for middle add people and how lack of can affect mental health in later years. I need to check this out on catch up … another post in the making me thinks!

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