Day 21 -A run at last

At long last – I managed to get out for a run this morning. The plan is for a run on either Saturday or Sunday, but this is the first weekend one I’ve managed so far. A wee bit of a frosty start this morning and it was colder out than I thought. So much so I did not produce a bead of sweat for the whole of the run! I managed 3km and did not stop once, so was pretty pleased with that. The time? Well maybe we’ll gloss over that.It was all about doing it rather than competing on a time.Let’s just say it was slow – but I did it.

Plenty of stretching before and after the run and I’ve felt on top form all day. Once back from the run I had overnight oats for my carb refuel.

I cooked a full on roast today for seven of us. I usually use olive oil on the chicken skin and on the roasties. Now that I am avoiding cooking with olive oil (happy to use it cold) I had to rethink the roast. Instead I used flavourless coconut oil on the roasties, along with some juices from the meat and they came out a treat, in fact were the best I’ve cooked for a while.

Potato roasties cooked in flavourless coconut oil

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