Day 22 – Lesson learnt

Boy was I feeling tired last night having run in the morning. I hit a brick wall around 9pm. I am sure it wasn’t helped by being on my feet for most of the day cooking. Feeling a bit achy I’d pretty much resigned myself last night that I would not be up for a HITT this morning. So when the alarm went off at 6.20am, my hand easily found the snooze button, and again and again.

Sigh! BY 7.15am I realised that if I’d have got up when I was supposed to then my HITT would be complete by now and I’d be in the shower. Instead I wasn’t up, felt a bit fed up that I hadn’t worked out and on top of that felt very tired and groggy …. 😒.

Fortunately I saw sense this evening and did a HITT workout. I felt so much better when I’d done this and had an unexpected burst of energy, resulting in a batch of home made soup and a Spelt and Goji Berry Loaf.

Unfortunately I was not able to step away from a bag of Mini-Eggs today. Mini Eggs are a special favourite of mine and took the ‘favourite chocolate’ crown from Cadbury’s Creme Eggs when the Creme Egg recipe was changed a few years ago. I now dislike Creme Eggs so much now I suspect that I will not eat one in the build up to Easter. Never mind there’s still plenty of Mini-Eggs should I suffer a weak moment or two!

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