Day 26 – Back with avengence

Alarm: 06:20. Up: 06:25. HITT complete: 07:00. Left for work: 08:03…. nailed it this morning! What a difference a day makes.

Totally full on day and finally sat down to relax and start writing this: 22:40. But amazingly I still feel full of energy … and that feels just great.

Tonight I’ve even prepared a batch of ice-cream and have a giant pavlova in the oven (no that’s not a euphemism!). I chuckled to myself earlier as on a normal Friday night after a wee few glasses of wine I’d be more likely to be found snuggled up on the sofa snoozing by 10:30pm rather than having pretended to be Mary Berry for the evening. I even got through the 5-7pm (oh I really need a glass of wine) Friday danger zone with ease tonight.

Tomorrow night thought it is all going to go a bit Pete Tong (meaning: wrong – to anyone that wasn’t a 90s teenager), for tomorrow night will be the break of the Dry January Fast and it’s likely to get messy. But that’s ok. Sunday is written off. I will be running tomorrow so Sunday will be my day off complete with dark glasses, comfort clothes and not moving much for the entire day.

I have to say that this year I have actually really enjoyed Dry January. So much so, that I am seriously thinking of continuing it into February, apart of course from the blip tomorrow night. Roll on February ….

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