Day 28 -Milestone reached

Well, well –  no dark glasses needed for me today. Admittedly quite a considerable lay in this morning but no headache tablets needed and no nipping off to bed for a Sunday afternoon catch up sleep.

At the point where the tequila shots came out last night (yes, I had two …. ouch!) I called it a night on the drinking front which was probably the best think that I could have done. So the end of the Dry January fast was not quite as bad as I’d feared.

Being a bit of a wet, miserable day and feeling in need of some comfort food today, I opted for cooking something in the slow cooker for dinner and picked up a piece of port belly at the supermarket. The result was The Easiest Pulled Pork . This was a massive hit with the kids and I will definitely cook this again.

Today was a rest day for exercise. I think Saturday’s are definitely a better day to run if time allows rather than feeling really tired on a Sunday night.

So the milestone then …. well, today I fitted into a pair of jeans that were a size smaller than normal – happy was an understatement this morning!

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