Day 31 – Reflection …

So 31 days into CLC and what’s changed? Well actually quite a lot….

Habit Changes

  1. No caffeine for, well I’ve forgotten how many weeks now, that’s a good thing huh? It must be at least 6 weeks. No caffeine means no Diet Coke so a double whammy. Diet Coke was my only source of caffeine as I do not drink coffee or tea. I have now got to the stage where I believe my craving for this nasty stuff has gone. Hallelujah!
  2. Over 2 litres of lightly diluted squash every day. I decided that going totally cold turkey to just plain water each day would be a step too far so this was my compromise.
  3. A salad each day at work and the only snacks allowed at work are nuts. As a regular snacker of chocolate at work this one has surprised me in my ability to maintain it. I addition I have not had a sandwich or any other savoury snacks (so no carbs during the day). Hardcore all the way!
  4. HITT work out 3 times a week, Pilates once a week and a run at weekends (admittedly missed out one weekend).
  5. Breakfast is either overnight oats when exercising in the morning or a Lime & Avocado Smoothie on work non-HITT days. At weekends something along the lines of scrambled eggs, avocado, smoked salmon or maybe a piece of bacon.
  6. No alcohol for the whole of January until 29th.

Effects of the habit changes:

  1. My skin is very soft and clear, no blemishes at all through the month.
  2. Getting up in the morning is always a struggle but I have been able to get up much earlier than normal and not feeling as bad first thing in the morning.
  3. Afternoon sugar lows have disappeared.
  4. Whilst weight has not really changed, I have definitely noticed a difference in body shape, so much so that last weekend I fitted into a pair of jeans a clothes size smaller – get in!
  5. On the whole I have felt FAB over the last month. Difficult to describe exactly how but generally great.
  6. Generally feeling much more calm and less stressed. I am not going to say that things haven’t wound me or I haven’t felt at all stressed, but it noticeably improved.
  7. I’ve built this website! I am totally loving writing content and learning so much more about the food we eat and the positive effects some foods can have on the body. I also love talking to people about it and what I am trying to do with CLC.

So do I think that CLC has had a positive effect on my life? Absolutely yes. But I still have a very, very long way to go. So ……

Next steps:

  1. In February I will be attempting no chocolate. Despite the positive habit changes that I have made in January, chocolate has featured in some form most days. It is one of my weaknesses. It’s now time to tackle this.
  2. Dry February. I actually enjoyed Dry January in the end so will be attempting to follow this in February, although I do have a couple of dates when I will have a few glasses of wine but as a whole it will be much less than before-CLC.
  3. More sleep. Getting up earlier in the morning means that I need to turn in a little earlier at night. This will be a challenge. It’s late at night that I tend to tap out my blog posts.
  4. Losing some weight. Body shape changes are of course great, but I also need to be banging off some weight.Hopefully the chocolate will help with this.
  5. All in addition of course to the habit changes at the top of the page that I put in place in January.

Please follow my blog to keep track of my progress. I need to know that you are reading 😂 – its helps as I know that I cannot let you down or myself ❤️.


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