What is a HIIT workout?

Firstly what does it mean? High intensity Interval Training. It’s one of the latest names out there in the fitness industry and is becoming increasingly popular when it comes to burning fat, build strength and increase endurance.

Essentially low to moderate exercise intervals are alternated with high intensity intervals and can be applied to many exercise types.

It is believed to be more effective than normal cardio since its intensity is higher in aerobic and anaerobic endurance whilst burning more fat. Fast results can be seen from HIIT workouts in relatively short periods of time.

HIIT has also been shown to increase metabolism resulting in you burning more calories in the day. HIIT has been proven to be even more effective with a low carb and high fat diet as the oxidation of fat is increased during exercise.

So that’s the science bit but how can you actually do it and when?

Well the good news with HIIT workouts it that you do not need a gym membership and you don’t actually need any equipment to do them. You also not need much time. And it’s for all of these reasons why I have incorporated these into my life.

As you may have gathered by now time is seriously lacking in my life. I do not have the time (or inclination for that matter) to go to a gym. I’ve tried it; I’ve been a member at a few different gyms over the course of lots of years and well for now they just do not work for me. The last gym that I belonged to did actually introduce me to HIIT workouts and a really liked the concept. I then discovered that there are many HIIT workouts online. So now all gym memberships are cancelled and I simply do 3 HIIT workouts a week with each one being around 20 minutes.

One of the best HIIT workouts is the Bodycoach You Tube Channel. There’s plenty of variety for all levels whether you are looking for a beginning session, intermediate or advanced.

There’s also plenty of other HIIT workouts on You Tube and online generally.

Take a look now and give it a go.



3 thoughts on “What is a HIIT workout?

  1. Love your CLC, Great reading about your achievements. Defoe giving me inspiration to try harder to be kind to my body. Thank you x


  2. Yeah HIIT is definitely the way to go! I mean, you just get better results with a fraction of the time from traditional steady cardio. I’d still include 1 day of steady cardio though, for recovery and just to improve my overall cardiac health. Great post, thanks for the insightful write-up!


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