Day 37 – a very peculiar day

Well I haven’t posted for a few days and there’s two reasons for this. Firstly I haven’t felt too great and secondly I don’t want to bore you with my drivel about day in day out routine, so I will post when I (think) I have something a little more interesting to share with you.

So why have I not been feeling too great? [sorry to anyone of the male species out there who might be reading this]. The last few days I’ve just felt a bit under the weather from PMT. Strangely though the symptoms have been more physical this month than emotional. What do I mean by physical? well that’s difficult to explain but i’ve just felt out of sorts.To be honest I was a bit disappointed based on the positive changes I’ve made especially with the removal of caffeine although I put it down to maybe still having too much sugar in my diet.

In the night I had unusually bad girlie-cramps (ladies you know what I am talking about) resulting in about 2 hours sleep-loss . But it was this morning when I took 2 paracetamol with added caffeine (aarrgghh!) that the day became peculiar. I could not believe the effect that the caffeine had on me. I felt under the weather anyway but once the caffeine really kicked in – woaaah! I felt shaky, nauseous and just awful. And this didn’t just last for half an hour – it lasted for about half a day!

Pre-CLC if I took a pain killer it was very common place for me to take tablets with added caffeine. They might pep me up a little but that was all and certainly no side effects like what I had today.

So from now on any tablets with added caffeine are seriously banished!

Whilst this was all going on, there was a reasonable amount of me that was punching the air above my head as it shows the progress that I have made.

Back to the earlier point of more physical PMT systems well after a chat with my life-guru last night, its all down to the detox that I am going through. That might sound a bit strange but it is all becoming crystal clear to me. How can I have possibly started to doubt my progress last week? It’s all part of the journey.


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