Small Steps … or maybe slow steps

At long last I managed a run. Let’s face it the idea of doing it was good, but the reality  of was let’s just say, lacking. But I did it….and that’s the most important thing.

I managed 2.85km. It wasn’t fast and it wasn’t clever but that’s not important. I took it steady and managed to not stop. Post-run I felt so much better. Small steps.

As I arrived back home my watch told me I’d achieved a 101% workout target. I hadn’t actually set one so am guessing that my watch actually know me better than I know myself! 😂

101% workout target acheived.


One thought on “Small Steps … or maybe slow steps

  1. Well done. If i can be bothered to do a workout i feel on top of the world, it’s just pushing past that feeling of CBA. Good job well done I’d say. Smalls good Clare xx


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