Day 64 – regrouping ….

Let’s just say that February did not exactly go to plan. I have really struggled over the last few weeks and they have been testament I guess to the fact that sometimes there is simply too much going on in life to be able to focus on me (or you!). Stress levels both out of work (from just expecting too much from myself) and in work (high-level challenges that needed to be met) have been a problem. For me I just need to get to THAT point before I cave. I reached it and I caved.

But …. the good news is that I have still not had caffeine, I have managed over 2 litres of very diluted squash every day and eating has not been disastrous, albeit cake has featured a bit too heavily in my diet! I blame 3 VIP family members birthday’s in the last 2 weeks. For February I’d declared to not buy a bar of chocolate and I haven’t. That doesn’t mean that I haven’t had chocolate – I just have not bought a bar of it. Little acorns and all that.

The couple of pounds that I had lost in January have hopped back on and I am having a struggle to get back to plan.

Friday morning I completed my first HITT for a good few weeks and Sunday morning I ran just shy of 3km. The run on Sunday was not easy and once I’d reached about half way I wanted to stop quite a few times, but I pushed on and managed the whole run without stopping. I must add that I fitted in this run in between cooking a roast dinner for 8 – because that’s just what you do when you cook a roast isn’t it – sorry did I say that I expect a bit too much out of myself!

2 new treats today, a Himalayan Pink Salt Crystal candle (I will blog about this another time) and the book that I borrowed from a friend before Christmas that I never managed to finish reading so I now have my own copy.


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