Never too late to save those habits

Deciding what to doHow would you handle working in a place that you’d usually go on holiday? Guest blogger Mr PlantGeek gives us some (learnt the hard way) wise words ….

Hmm.. Well, usually on a holiday, you go ALL OUT. You consume things without conscience. Because you’ve usually starved yourself beforehand, and you know that it won’t “show” until you’re back home!

I must admit when I began a long stint working in Florida this spring, I wasn’t sure what I was doing. Was I on holiday or was I living? Well, I got it wrong at first and ate like I was on holiday. Worse still, in my spare time I sat around like I was on holiday too!

Burgers, carbs galore, huge sugary drinks. It made me feel kinda rubbish, and wasn’t how I’d usually behave. After realising my belly was showing through my summery T-shirt, I knew it was time to act.

I’m a person of extremes, so once I’m eating bad, I can’t stop. But it also means that once I’d decided to clean myself up, it was kinda easy. Although, I had to be ready, and it turns out I was after seeing that belly! Especially after a few people had commented..

Staying in St Petersburg is actually great because they promote a good living lifestyle. It’s far enough away from the freeways with their tempting billboards adorned with 2 burgers for 2 dollars. I actually got to know a vegan joint, Cider Press Cafe, quite well and just knowing I was putting better food into my mouth made me feel so good. And once I’d started that, I didn’t want to muddy my diet with carb indiscretions.

Placing myself in the right area was great for my wellbeing too. I won’t make you jealous by mentioning the sun (check out Clare’s blog on the importance of vitamin D), but being around nature was such a great tonic, and allowed me to indulge in my first love of plants (check it my blog from the Sunken Gardens).

So, I got it wrong at first. But, I’ve had my holiday, learnt that lesson, and now I’m back to feeling good, and knowing I’m (almost) looking good. Just got to make sure I keep up my self-imposed in room workouts too.

Feeling good is addictive. Try it, you might like it.

He might be a plant geek but he’s a pretty cool one. Follow Michael’s (aka Mr Plant Geek’s) travels and lifestyle at his blog and his ever entertaining Instagram, Twitter and Facebook pages. Here’s a glimpse into his stateside life in Florida …

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