Can you eat clean in Venice?

If you’ve not visited before then a trip to Venice needs to be on your bucket list. Last week I was lucky enough to spend a couple of, child and work free, days in this Adriatic gem and it did not disappoint.

Prior to going I was a little concerned on what the food options would be. Tourist locations are not renowned for great cuisine and Venice is no different.


Before even getting on the plane I was confronted with challenge one – hotel
‘continental’ breakfast. Cereal, croissants or cake? Not great choices. I was delighted to find some DIY oats tucked away in the corner. Hey presto porridge with fruit compote! I was a happy girl, albeit not so happy that it was 03:40 in the morning – arrgghh!

We flew with Ryanair so food on the plane was not as issue as it was non-existent, but that was a good thing.

I was pleasantly surprised with most of the eating options available. Not one for frequenting the tourist trap restaurants, I went in search, where I could, of more authentic food and it did not disappoint.

Octopus with lemon and oil – delicious!
Delicious freshly made lasagne – not perfect but much needed after a very long day of travelling and sight seeing

Impressively good hotel breakfast

Fabulous cichetti – a Venetian tradition


A seafood platter to die for!
Fresh strawberries from the Venice Market

Along with a few treats, of course!

Tiramisu – can you go to Italy and not try this?
Gelato! No words needed ….
Spritz – the birthplace of this just fabulous drink. When in Venice! Chin-chin

Whilst I didn’t make perfect choices I was pleased that I didn’t fall off of the wagon. On top of this – exercise. There was none of my usual sedentary sitting down at my desk going on – I seriously clocked up the steps with an amazing 23k steps one day.

With a little effort and will, you can make the right choices on holiday.

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