Can you grow a herb garden from supermarket herbs?

If you’re anything like me then you’ve bought endless pots of supermarket herbs, used them for one dish and then they’ve died off before you get chance to use them again. But what happens when you plant them in the garden?

I’d always thought that supermarket herbs were grown (and in all fairness they are) solely for the purpose of the supermarket shelf and grown to not last more than a week or so.

When I visited a friend recently I was impressed by her newly planted herb garden. The herb garden was quite big but the herbs had established themselves really quickly into good size plants.

I was surprised to find out that she’d used supermarket herb pots. So I thought I’d put this to the test myself.

I purchased basil, coriander, flat-leaved parsley, rosemary, sage and chives and planted them up in a raised bed on my patio. The plants established really quickly and have gone on to grow into fantastic plants.

Being on the patio, means that they are easily accessible for the kitchen and the BBQ.

So the verdict is YES you can grow a great herb garden from super market herbs. Most larger supermarkets offer a good range of herbs at great prices. They will establish quickly into larger plants although you’ll be able to start using them from the moment you plant them.

Freshly picked flat-leaved parsley from my herb garden
Fresh picked with basil from my herb garden with slow roasted cherry tomatoes

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