How to make your veg a bit more exciting

Bored of the same old veg to help get you to your 5-a-day? Here’s a few ways to give your veg a bit of a twist.

My first veg with a twist, I’ve nicknamed ‘Billy Beans’, or in this case beans and sprouting broccoli. It’s named after my neighbour who inspired this dish. To cook, finely chop garlic and fresh ginger and gently fry in some oil (I use coconut oil but use your oil of choice). Meanwhile steam fine green beans – and sprouting broccoli if using this – until it is just slightly tender, do not steam until the veg is soft. Add the lightly steamed veg to the garlic and ginger and stir fry the veg. Just before you are ready to serve drizzle with tamari sauce (gluten free) or soy sauce and serve.

Billy Bean’s

I am big lover of sweet potatoes but struggle to get my children to eat them, but that was until they met my sweet potato thins.

Sweet Potato thins

Heat the oven to 180. Using a vegetable peeler, peel the skins off of the sweet potatoes. Then using the vegetable peeler, peel strips of the sweet potato onto a baking tray. Using an oil sprayer, give the peeled strips a few sprays and toss in the tray. Bake in the oven for around 30 mins, but make sure to keep taking them out of the oven every 8-10 mins, to give toss them, for the first 20 mins then every few minutes for the remaining cooking time to make sure that they do not over cook.

Courgetti with garlic

I think that courgette is a great versatile vegetable and you may have seen my blog post from a while ago, 5 ways to go crazy for courgettes. This is a great, quick and easy recipe for dinner which you can find here – stir fried courgette and garlic.   For this dish though I used courgetti rather than grated courgette.

Happy veg eating folks!

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