How to make cauliflower rice

It might be low in carbs but is cauliflower rice big on flavour? Read on … you’re in for a surprise.


I’ve been keen to try using cauliflower in different ways for a while. The humble cauliflower has had a bit of a personality transformation in recent times, such as cauliflower rice, cauliflower pizza bases, roasted cauliflower and cauliflower steaks.

Making the rice is really easy … if you have a food processor.


Simply chop up the cauliflower into pieces, cutting out the main core.

Using ‘pulse’ on your food processor, turn the cauliflower pieces into rice. You may need to stop the food processor and move any un-processed pieces in the bowl to make all of the pieces into rice …. and in terms of making the rice, that’s it. You have cauliflower rice.

To cook it I added a small amount of butter to a large non-stick pan and gently fried it. I seasoned with some salt and pepper. At this point I then tasted it and was blown away with how good it tasted.

I then decided to add a few more things ….

Firstly, I added a prepared mix of mixed grains (wheatberries, bulgur wheat, lentils, quinoa, wholewheat and toasted soya flakes) and then added some frozen edamame beans and cooked … and ta-dah!


One thought on “How to make cauliflower rice

  1. That looks really appetising, gonna try this when I get home from our holidays, I’m now a qualified SCUBA diver and realise that when you add on the tank and weights I’m carrying an extra 4 stone, so to that I’m looking to drop at least 2stone if not 3, all slimming world recipes and very low fat ones very much appreciated. X

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