Hello, thanks for popping by. If you’re looking at this then it means that I need to be serious about this clean living thing in 2017. There’s no giving up because you are watching me!

I am a 43 year old mum of 10 year old twins. Life is busy both with a demanding home life and a much more demanding job. Trying to juggle them both and do my best to stay on top of it all is tough. I beat myself up if I am not able to achieve everything to my exacting standards and those standards are quite high …..

All of these demands on me, mean that finding time and devoting time to healthy eating and exercise comes a long way down on the list of priorities.

I am an emotional comfort eater … yes I have just confessed. Feels like a statement you’d bravely make at an AA meeting! But it’s true. When I feel under pressure, I eat, when I feel frustrated, I eat. It goes on! Normally in these moments of weakness I turn to something that I shouldn’t eat, something that has lots of calories and low nutritious value. If I feel pants about myself, which I do a lot of the time, then I eat things I shouldn’t and I don’t exercise. It’s all a vicious circle.

But…..when I am feeling positive about eating and exercise, life is good. I am in control in so many ways, not just the eating, and I feel much better about myself. My story is not unique. It’s the same story of so many middle age ladies I am sure.

I have tried all of the diets. It is often said that diets do not work. Well none of them, and I have tried most of them, have ever been sustainable for me. So it’s time to make some big changes, a lifestyle change for the rest of my life.

p.s. I also have a bit of an obsession with succulents ❤️.

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